Friday, July 11, 2008

Free Distant Healing and Reiki Usui All Level Attunement

Here's the great news. I found this great websites offering FREE Usui Reiki attunement to all level which is until level 3 (teacher/master level). Plus, distance healing has also been offered. Reading the articles and all the writings in the website, I know he or she (still didn't know the kind-hearted Reiki Master) is really honest and sincere in giving the services.

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Here's the link:

The Healing Project

Video from "The Healing Project":

"The Healing Project" was started by artist Kit Glaisyer on Jan 1st 2008, as an experiment to combine new media technology with spiritual healing practices. The aim of this project is to give the healing energy for free to online viewer. Here is a video from "The Healing Project".

In order to get maximum benefit from the session, simply sit comfortably and relaxed, and play the video. That's it! This 6 minute session is offered by Paula Renshaw, utilising Reiki Tummo.

Visit: The Healing Project for details

Free Reiki Distant Healing

David Herron from offers free long distance healing. However, I'm not really sure which Reiki styles he will use for the healing. Anyway, it's still universal energy.

Request your remote healing session here:

Reiki Charged Image

Heal yourself with Reiki energy by looking at an image. The image has been charged with Reiki. Try to feel the energy. While it may seems too good to be true, many others have been benefited by this kind of healing.

Go here: myreikitruth

Request A Free Healing From offer a free distance healing. You can read on how to make the request in the website.

Just click here:

Free Healing at

Hi guys! Barbara Reynolds, a Reiki Master offers free distant healing. You may request your free healing session by filling up form in her website at

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Pranashakty Yantra - Healing Anywhere, Anytime...

Here's another free healing I found at

"Pranashakty yantra is a unique structure that emits powerful positive energy. This energy can be used for healing, problem solving, charging water and many more things. Whenever you want to use energy, just use this yantra." (

For details, click here:

Free Healing From Cruzen Enterprises

K. Cruzen through her Cruzen Enterprises offer a free energy healing:

" is committed to promoting individual and universal healing and growth through sharing the Abundant Universe. Through the links on this site you can request free healing, acquire information about healing modlities, and acquire information to empower you towards fulfillment, growth, and prosperity." (

You may request your free healing session at:

Free Distant Healing and Free Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Attunement (To Master Level)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is the original form of Reiki:

"You will be learning the SIMPLE and ORIGINAL Usui Reiki method (the way the Creator and Source of the energy intended it to be, and the way it was actually taught to Dr. Usui). No additives (like symbols), crystals, chants, guides, no magic nor mystery. Just plain and unadulterated SIMPLICITY!" (

You will be attuned to Usui Reiki level 1,2 and 3 (Master). You have to wait for several days between the attunements.

Besides offering free Reiki attunement, also offers FREE HEALING.

Reiki attunement and healing will be done by
Rosie Tanza.

For more details, log on to:

Free Distant Healing With Reiki Tummo

Syaichuddin, through his blog at would like to offer Reiki Tummo distant healing service for any one of you or your familiy members that need to be healed from any physical or non physical problems.

Click here to register for free:

Heal Your Pet For Free!

If you have cats, dogs or any pets, this is your opportunity to give them healing energy.

Click here to request the free healing for your pet.

Free Spiritual Healing and Reiki Attunement offers free spiritual healing and Kundalini Reiki attunement.

Request your free healing and Reiki attunement at:

Free Distant Healing

Ministry of Universal Energy Healers offer free healing by distant. Interested to be healed?

They can be reached at:
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